• - storage of cargoes with full material liability;
  • - temporary storage of cargoes (cross docking);
  • - maintenance of distribution networks (transportation, storage of cargoes by the time of receiving of the order and delivery to customers);
  • - loading and unloading works;
  • - warehouse processing, product rejection;
  • - completing and palletising;
  • - warehousing management;
  • - consolidation of shipments;
  • - preselling preparation of products (sorting, packaging, labeling);
  • - shipment of formed cargoes in the right direction;
  • - processing of returns.

Products, delivered in large amounts, are sorted, pre-packed, packed, labeled at the warehouses and delivered to the right place at the right time.

By providing this range of services we undertake solving all problems of delivery of the required number of products to the end-consumer.

There are temporary and long-term storage of cargoes in the warehouses of «DELPOST».