• - development of logistics decisions and technological processes taking into account the needs of customers;
  • - shipment by individual transport, general cargo, express delivery;
  • - tracking (cargo tracking);
  • - informing the customer about the stages of shipment according to his/her request;
  • - cargo insurance, TIR, CMR, ЕХ-1, Т-1;
  • - import-export from and to any destination in Ukraine, Europe and Asia;
  • - transportations accompanied by guard;
  • - return of accompanying documents;

Membership in Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (ASMAP of Ukraine) gives us the right to receive a number of benefits and apply them for the benefit of our customers’ business. Filling out CMR, TIR insurance guarantees the delivery of cargo with the preservation of integrity and volume.

The availability of cars with European registration allows to perform delivery within Europe.

Our warehouses in Padua city, Italy, allow to unload products, to perform sorting and further delivery to Spain and Portugal.